About Us

Why we’re considered amongst the settlement market leaders

Bellmac Settlements is an independently owned settlement agency that was established in 2005 by Johanna Bell who has been in the industry for close to 30 years. Johanna began her settlement career working for solicitors (Stone James & Co) as an outside clerk, then inside the office working on the discharge of mortgages and new mortgages for 10 years.

Johanna then decided to take up the challenge and work in conveyancing as an assistant conveyancer for many years, which prompted her to attend TAFE and complete the Diploma in Conveyancing in 2004. Her experience and overall knowledge has placed Bellmac at the forefront of the settlement industry, with Johanna as the licensee/principal of this market-leading agency since opening in 2005.

Bellmac settlements offer old-fashioned service, remembering that our clients engage us to assist them through, this often confusing, and somewhat stressful time. Approachable and friendly, we take the time to go over all the details that each settlement entails, keeping you up to date on progress every step of the way.

We always remember that you are the client, and that happy clients will return to use our services. With this in mind we will endeavour to assist you with every aspect of your settlement, bringing it to a successful conclusion. Contact us today for further information. We look forward to providing you with a fast, efficient and streamlined settlement process.

Our company has grown to become a market leader in the real estate industry with an excellent reputation for our meticulous attention to detail and conveyancing knowledge.