Our Fees

Below are our settlement fees for both Buyers and Sellers. We strongly recommend speaking to one of our conveyancers to get a full quote of the fees involved in a settlement. We can guarantee that our written quote will have NO HIDDEN FEES.

Bellmac Settlements quoted fees are inclusive of GST and office disbursements. Additional costs can be expected for, but not limited to, land title searches, rates and taxes enquiries, building approvals etc. These are expenses that are incurred and we pay on your behalf (Approximate costs for a  Seller  $50.60 and for  a Buyer $345.15). A further service we can provide is by completing settlement through electronic channels, using an online platform called PEXA. PEXA services do incur an additional charge (est. $110.00) which we will add to our fees should you wish to complete settlement through this means. Please feel free to ask our staff about PEXA settlements, or visit the following site settlebetter.com.au

Other Government charges apply and these include; Stamp Duty (Transfer Duty), Landgate Registration fees in respect of the Transfer of Land, discharge of mortgage, and other documents you instruct us to prepare. (Click the link to find out estimated costs)

For an indication of the services we provide for you please have a look at our fee disclosures for Vendors and Purchasers.

Sale Price Settlement Agents Fee* Scale set by the WA Government Sellers Our Fees Settlement Agents Fee*Scale set by the WA Government Buyers Our Fees
Up to $500,000.00 N/A as of 03/02/2016 $550.00 N/A as of 03/02/2016 $880.00
$500,001 to $750,000 N/A as of 03/02/2016 $650.00 N/A as of 03/02/2016 $950.00
$750,001 to $1,000,000 N/A as of 03/02/2016 $750.00 N/A as of 03/02/2016 $1,050.00
Over $1,000,001 N/A as of 03/02/2016 $850.00 N/A as of 03/02/2016 $1,150.00